Church Planting & Self Supporting Church

The church planting process is to make a healthy growing, self supporting church that in turn plant more churches (This will be our main focus on this Ministry). We start with encouraging the preachers to Prayer walk to a community of people and develop a team, and teach them. We work, help and teach other churches of Christ to realize the significance of planting new churches with a variety of people crowd in our community.

Public Education

We educate the public by teaching them the gospel to progress and widen the faith. Preach the gospel and sow the seed of faith even to the un-reached areas or community of people. Support the people and encourage the importance of leadership and guide others and develop new disciples.

Medical Camps

Free medical camps are being conducted for the people who cannot afford to private hospitals. Arranging a day where they could be consulted and medicated without costs. This camp includes Eye camps, General Medical camp and free vaccination camps. Several people as well as children have been benefited from these camps.

Children’s Education

Education is one vital thing that imparts positive effects on children, they are our future generation. But here educating children is far beyond reach. We educate children by teaching them the gospel of Christ, briefing on the bible, teaching them to sing worship songs, encouraging them in all aspects of the church.

Youth Ministry

In assisting each and every family in training them in their early life to become mature and grow to be a devoted Christian.

Family Ministry

Serves as a method for personal participation and sharing of the common faith, common love and common hope we have in Christ.

Hospital Ministry

Hospital ministry is a ministry in the local hospitals to provide spiritual care for the hospitalized; we do in order to change the lives of the people who are in need by offering compassion, a smile and presence. Our team of ministers assists and prays for the hospitalized person and for their family.

Orphan Ministry

The orphan’s ministries are based on the purpose of ministering the children, providing nutritional and medical support as well as helping them to become productive Christians in future.

Women’s Ministry

We help the women to develop religiously and physically by providing strong biblical teaching to understand the scripture, the importance and purpose of attending the church, to guide and lead their family in a spiritual behavior.

Gospel Ministry

Mark 16:15 "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation". Our dream is to take the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to all parts of the World. We also spread the good news to the under-served parts of our community. Preaching the gospel to build up the faith in Christ and help individuals to dedicate themselves to become followers of Jesus Christ and share the gospel to other people who are yet believe and unite in Christ.

Handout Ministry

A weekly handout of the good news of god is given to the people with printed version of sermons, bible scriptures and messages. People of all regions and religion are benefited with the help of this ministry.

Village Ministry

Our teams of preachers reach the unreachable or un-touched villages of our community and take the gospel to teach the families and train them to lead their lives in hope of Christ. It is a strong hope for the people who are in remote village, where the missionary activities or biblical teaching is out of reach.

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